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Scaffolding and wooden boards are seen on the outside deck while spray foam insulation is installed on the ceiling.

Spray Foam Insulation in the Red Bay House

The benefits of spray foam insulation are plentiful, especially in a place like the Grand Cayman Islands. When it came time to insulate our Red Bay luxury home project, the choice was clear and easy. Spray Foam Insulation Benefits Rather than absorbing heat and raising...
Spray foam insulation is installed in the attic in this picture, among roof beams and HVAC ducts.

Cayman Island Spray Foam Insulation

In many ways, the Grand Cayman Islands are a lot like paradise. However, one of the things they don’t mention about paradise is insulation. However, Cayman Islands Spray Foam is quick to keep it copacetic and insulate your home with top quality spray foam. The heat can...
Guy Harvey Luxury Concrete Home Construction

Artist Guy Harvey Luxury Concrete Home Construction

Guy Harvey’s Luxury Concrete Home by Cayman Structural Group Guy Harvey approached Cayman Island structural group needing a luxury concrete home with an aesthetic and efficient building design in mind. Concrete homes provide high structural integrity with a low maintenance...
cayman islands insulation

Amazing Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Our Spray Foam Technology Our spray foam is a created from renewable agricultural materials, and is a closed-cell polyurethane two-part liquid. Upon being sprayed by our professionally trained installers, the liquid expands and cures, forming a solid bond across the sprayed...