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313 Vista Del Mar Luxury Home Update 8/21/18

Custom Home Construction Progress

Really starting to see some progress now! We’ve gotten some glass in the windows, and the stairs leading up to the front porch just finished. Lots of work has been done to get the koi pond water feature finished. And by now all of the fill dirt has been packed into the deck, so next time you’ll see it is will look like the beautiful patio in its final form.

20,000 square feet Luxury Home

Located in one of the most prestigious luxury home communities in Vista del Mar, this new home will also be one of the largest in the area at nearly 20,000 square feet. Boasting 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms in the main house, this private residence will total more than 15,000 square feet. A large garage and guest home suite will house another 3,000 square feet with another 1,200 dedicated to outdoor and patio space. This gorgeous luxury home is being built by a handful of groups collaborating together- Cayman Structural Group is the structural contractor, completing the concrete foundation and shell construction of the luxury home.

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